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About the 99 collective

The 99 Collective is a young adult led movement of the Church that seeks to practice and struggle for radical hospitality for all people.

We recognize the power inequities that exist in society between those who are seen as the norm and those who are marginalized by the norm. We recognize the need for radical leadership and action in order fight these inequities. We recognize the value of young voices leading and mature voices providing wisdom. We recognize the need to be led by a group of diverse leaders who represent the margins, the norm, and those who find themselves in both.

All are welcome to walk along side us in this movement as we connect, experiment and act.
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To Be Human… »

We are full of layers and those layers are shaped by our childhood, our culture, our experiences, our likes and dislikes, and our emotions and thoughts.

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A New, New Year »

At the beginning of 2012 Shane Claiborne released his 12 hopes for 2012…

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"We are here to usher the church into its death and to participate in its resurrection!"

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